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Free Medicine Program Information

Ticlid, Roche Labs Patient Assistance Program,

Free Prescription Medicine Info, Roche Pharmaceuticals

Here you will find information that is free for Ticlid. The program Roche Labs Patient Assistance Program controlled (or directed) by Roche Pharmaceuticals distributes this drug to qualified patients after acceptance is given. Why do Canadian prescription drugs when these are free. Observe the "controlling directives/guidelines" then proceed towards applying to the free prescription medicine plan by following the instructions immediately below. Observe the other instructions as shown while first adhering to the Roche Labs Patient Assistance Program plan's instruction to you personally. I mention this because a program's process or procedures can likely change at any given time.

Please respect the program associates requests in every way because they are there to help you (not the other way around). Free prescription medication programs (prescription and others) exist for the good of everyone including needy patients, the program's company and even other Americans that do not partake of this prescription medicine. Try to take advantage of these programs, if not able, then try Canadian drugs.

The respect and good manner you show the program and its employees will help
yourself and other patients for years into the future.
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Program Roche Labs Patient Assistance Program
Company Affiliation Roche Pharmaceuticals
Program Address Medical Needs Department, Roche Laboratories
Program Address 2 373 Kingsland St.
Program Address 3 Nutley, NJ 07110-1232
Phone (Voice) #error#
Fax #error#
How to get application Contact program
Controlling directives/guidelines for program applicants US citizenship required or legally in US, have no prescription coverage for the medication and only be out-patient. The company looks at each patient on an individual basis. For Rocephin, program expedite application to get medication to doctor's office fast. Complete application in full or program will send it back.
Beginning course of action to obtain meds Call for an application to be sent to doctors office. Completed application must be mailed on return.
Doctor/provider's responsibilities of action Complete application section and includes DEA number.
Patient's responsibilities of action Provides information about household size and income on application.
Manner of distribution Program sends medicine to doctor's registered DEA address.
Amount distributed up to three month supply
How to begin refill process New application required 3 weeks before current medication supply is exhausted.
Program limitations Indefinite
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