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Free Prescription Medicine Program Information


This Free Prescription Medicine /
Medication Program Information

This site dedicated to seniors 50 and over.

All this information contained on this website is free. I am not charging a penny for it like many other sites on the net do. I feel that ....since this information can be found for free if you know where to look....with a little work... why shouldn't the people that really need the free prescription medicine also get the information for free.

Yes, I too have had the need for free prescription drugs at one time. ....Hey...check with your doctor or provider about this information because they will often already have it available. ...You know..I really do hope this problem of high-priced prescription drugs resolves itself. We might have some of the best medicine in the USA but we also have to pay for it at very high prices...and I am getting tired of the whole thing. It might come to the point that I will sometime have to go to Canada or somewhere else just to get my healthcare.

If you have time, please take a look at my RX Blog using the link below. Yes, I complain some in the Blog about high priced medicine but it is partly out of good fun. However, there is much truth behind it all… because essentially prescription medicine is serious business. When the question comes down to choosing to buy prescription medicine or buy food, it can be serious. To compound the problem, there are still many people that do not qualify for these free prescription medicine programs, don’t have insurance and still need the medicine.

General requirements
General requirements for acceptance into one of these
free medicine programs

for entering the application process

All about pharmacies
...jargon, prescription filling, how do they do that?

RX blog and Rant

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©2008 Free Medicine Program Information Resources Please contact us with any updated information on free RX programs. For popular medicines please go to this no prescription online pharmacy to get many different medicines. Although there is no prior prescription required, you do have to go through a doctor consultation before approved.
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